Surprising and interesting ways to use a folding knife

Have you tried out the surprising and yet one of the most interesting uses of folding knife Damascus steel?  We can share all of these interesting uses for our readers. To take coconut water, to cut any kind of tape, to open a padlock, to do stirring of any drink, to hammer and to cut up pills, these are all great ways by which you can use this knife.

Top surprising ways to incorporate the use of a folding knife

  • Each one of us wants to drink and have that delicious and tasty coconut water but remember, it is not an easier task. If you have got this pocket knife then you can take out as much coconut water as you can. If at any time, you’ve come to a desert island and you got a pocket knife then do not forget to get the sip of coconut water.
  • Have you ever stirred your iced tea with a folding knife? If not then do that in any manner. This plastic stirring kind of sticks, they cannot stir your coffee. These plastic stirring sticks can only make your coffee or your iced tea to all look sad as well as unmixed. So take your pocket knife and give a whirling effect on your iced tea.
  • So how can you scrape through an excessive amount of glue? Do that with this folding knife. If you are doing some woodwork and some excess amount of glue is right there visible from your wooden parts then you can simply scrape it off quickly by using a sharp knife.

How to better incorporate the best uses of a folding knife?

  • If at any moment you could not find a hammer, if that hammer tool is out of reach for you then you can do that hammering task with a folding knife too. You can nail something easily with this knife. Though it is not a proper tool to do this nailing task it can somehow compensate your task.
  • Does anyone of you think about the idea of cutting pills? If at any day you do not want to take the normal dose and amount of your medicine then you can cut your pills by using a folding knife. Just split your pills with this knife.
  • Rough looking shoelaces, they look so much weird! So what to do with them? You can trim down your shoelaces with the handling of a folding knife. Give your shoelaces a nice amount of fitting look. Just defray their ends. These details are not ended on this note just, surprising info about Damascus steel ring is coming soon.