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Protect yourself when you are hiring a roofing contractor

Nothing does appear to be more important than the protection of your home and finances. A host of roofing contractors Oshkosh wi are there who are likely to alter the rules paving way for problems in relation to an individual along with their roof. The best ones in the business are known to make mistakes once in a while. When you are about to choose a roofing contractor there are a few points in mind so that you protect yourself

Workman compensation

When you hire a contractor to fix any issues of leakage on your roof. One of the employees fails to adhere to safety measures, falls down and breaks their leg. Then the employer has to bear the expenses as he had gone on to avail their services

A solution would be a roofing insurance that most contractors have in place. If a roofing contractor has insurance in place the employees do have proper coverage in terms of safety. If you report any loss in terms of work that too would be taken care of as well. This saves the time along with the trouble of having to pay the expenses at your own end.

Liability insurance

Once you remove the shingles, a roofing contractor leaves the place. That current night a storm strikes and causes considerable damage to your property. The roofing contractor might have liability insurance but there are restrictions as far as interiors of your building evolve. With so many exclusions it replicates a situation of no coverage at all.

If any damage occurs to your roof, it does prove to be an issue with a roofing contractor. In this regard, you would need strong liability insurance. You need to look out for coverage that offers minimum exclusion.

Business license

You have gone on to avail the services of a roofing contractor. After a few days, you might notice a leak in the roof. You try to get in touch with the company but it seems difficult to get in touch with them. You might search them by business license but it seems very difficult to obtain their details. Finding no other way you would need to plan out the repairs at your own end.

Before availing their services do check out whether they have a license in place. If they do have one it does point to a situation that they are not doing anything wrong. The chances of them disappearing from the sight of business would be very rare.

Lein waiver

Once the work ceases to be over, you have gone on to pay the contractor. But after a few days, the suppliers of the contractor come up to you and ask for payment of materials which they have gone on to supply. He did not make the payment and now you are responsible.

Before you make a payment obtain a lien waiver. It states that if a contractor fails to pay in time you are not responsible.